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At IMMANSE, we are always working hard to publish and promote new books. Browse some of our published ones.

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The Moon is High Tonight

"A crown prince turned prisoner..."

Zavion had many expectations from his life but being taken away as a prisoner and forced into being a slave for a crew of pirates who had destroyed any form of an existence of a prince within him was not what he had expected.

Pirates are ruthless, and Zavion had learnt that the hard way. So when he was captured again by a different group of pirates, he was sure that his death only lay a few steps ahead.

Well, he had expected anything this time but utter CHAOS in the form of some overgrown tots who called themselves the Masked Pirates, the nightmare of the seas and a very spiteful pirate captain who hated him the most.


Selfhood Series: Inner Turmoil

This book compiles poems of the author’s beginning part of life where she was lost and gave up on trying. She also held up on little hope to survive. The author talks about the struggles of understanding living, and it reflects how she copes with it. One who reads may be able to relate with the thoughts and feelings.  


Hope, Depression, And Potatoes

Explore beautiful short stories and poetry designed to make you feel. Travel through depression, hope, love, and enjoy a side of potatoes.

Enjoy the writing and perspectives of writers from around the world. No matter where you from and where you are in life, you will find something that fits your taste.

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